Michelle Dennis is a Visual Artist in New York City.

Born in Binghamton, NY on Nov 27, 1981.        

Her large anthropomorphic donkeys are thickly sculpted onto the surface using mostly her hands to paint them. The monumental size of her paintings makes the viewer smaller than, or the same size as the subject and therefore able to identify with it. Even though the character is not human, its feelings are intrinsically human.  Michelle paints about social dynamics through the form of a donkey, drawing upon her own knowledge having grown up with them. They are the main characters in the paintings and therefore replace the human form, each donkey telling it’s own story. 

“As I am painting only the subject and the expression are important to me. I do not try to render the donkey perfectly, but rather reveal his imperfections, and mine as an artist. Within these imperfections the individual personality of the subject is found.”

-Michelle Dennis

Michelle Dennis was born in Binghamton, NY and now lives and works in New York City. She attended Graduate School at Boston University with Professor John Walker and received her Undergraduate degree from Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida with Professor Leslie Lerner.


Michelle Dennis Line Up of Donkeys